Industrial Emergency Council

Industrial Emergency Council (IEC) was created as a 501(c)(3) in 1979. Following a serious hazardous materials incident on the San Francisco Peninsula that injured multiple firefighters, industry and fire department representatives created IEC to address common emergency preparedness and response issues in a collaborative fashion.

With an initial focus on hazardous materials education, prevention, and response, IEC’s course offerings expanded into a broad list of subjects focused on safe and effective response to critical incidents, preventing incidents through education, and the skills development of first responders.

IEC has delivered over 300 courses per year for several years, including the years affected by COVID. Although we prefer an in-person learning environment, our staff was able to provide a virtual learning environment, which is a critical resource when attempting to maintain a training and certification schedule.

Our Instructors
Our instructors have a significant background in their respective fields. IEC management pursues instructors from across the United States to provide our students with the best learning experience possible.

Our Clients
The scope of our clients is comprised of public safety agencies, private sector companies and the military. IEC has evolved with the changes in research and manufacturing processes, including the proliferation of bio-tech research.

We are familiar with dealing with public agency, corporate, health care, and military facility and purchasing practices. Regarding the military, in 2021 alone, we provided service to the Army, Air Force, Navy, and Marines.

Certifications, Accreditations and Recognitions:

  • Apprenticeships (U.S. Department of Labor, California Department of Industrial Relations)
  • California Specialized Training Institute
  • California State Fire Marshal
  • Medic First Aid International
  • American Heart Association
  • California Community Colleges
  • Federal OSHA 29CFR 1910.120, Cal/OSHA Title 8, EPA 40CFR, DOT 49CFR and other government training mandates.


Bruce Meisenbach
Executive Director

Rick Franchi
Deputy Executive Director

John Healy
Business Manager

Kevin McWhirter
State Fire Training Coordinator

Pat Callahan
Training Coordinator

Nick Weber
Transportation Safety Manager

Ollie Pattum
Logistics Technician

Gerald Stein
ARFF Training Coordinator

Mike Berry
Training Coordinator

Mark Bridges
Training Coordinator

Chris Campagna
Training Coordinator/ Instructor

Chuck Lax
Special Process Coordinator

Beverly Veloza
Administrative Services Manager

Nicholas Franchi
Marketing Coordinator

Myra Hadden

Myra Hadden
Administrative Analyst

Lucrezia Mota
Administrative Assistant

C. Cindy Yuzon-Arroyo
Administrative Assistant



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