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The Industrial Emergency Council offers Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) and Air Purifying Respirator (APR) fit testing that is required by OSHA and NIOSH respirator standards for various chemicals and employee wearing situations.

Respirator Fit Testing Services employs the most up-to-date fit test equipment, procedures and training as required by regulation. Give your respirator program and employees the benefit of the most accurate respirator fit test available today.

  • Quantitative Fit Test Method - This method uses the TSI Porta Count Plus, takes a sample of air from both inside and outside the respirator and counts the dust particles contained in each sample. The instrument then calculates the ratio between them and derives a number which represents the fit factor or quality of fit. Quantitative test results produce a number that represents how well the mask actually fits the subject relative to the minimum requirement for passing. You will be able to determine if the subject barely passed, or had average or superior fit. The results also provide accurate and acceptable documentation should litigation arise.
  • Qualitative Fit Test Method - This method relies on the ability of the test subject to sense a challenge agent (Bitrex, saccharin or irritant smoke). Quality of results depends on the proper administration of the test as required by NIOSH. This fit test is less expensive and easier to administer then the Quantitative Method and meets NIOSH and OSHA requirements in most cases.