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2022 01/17 HazMat Tech 1C

Start Date/Time: 2022 01/17 0830
End Date/Time: 2022 01/20 1700
Course Total Hours: 40

Intended Audience: 

Open to fire service, law enforcement, health, environmental and specific private
industry personnel, this course includes class, didactic and hands-on training in real worldscenarios-based experience.


First Responder Operations (FRO)
Haz Mat Tech 1A
Haz Mat Tech 1B

Location: Camp Pendleton Fire Area 51 Community Center Bldg 51919 MCB Camp Pendleton CA

Deadline to Register: Jan 17, 2022 @ 0800


Module 1C consists of a variety of topics. The core of the course focuses on site safety and protective-action options. Participants will develop a site safety plan for a variety of scenarios ranging from both transportation and fixed facility incidents. Participants are introduced to the incident command system (ICS) for hazardous materials operations, emergency response planning, and scene management. Clandestine laboratories are also included as part of the curriculum. Toxicology is also explored particularly measuring lethal and chronic contaminant levels. Students will engage in a field Level A obstacle course while having to perform various skills and typical operations while wearing encapsulated protective garments. Preservation of evidence will be discussed in relation to crime scene considerations.

Equipment Students Should Bring: 

  1. SCBA's, turnouts/PPE's, gloves, safety glasses, radio communications, monitoring equipment, chemical boots, Level A" training suits