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2021 07/06 HazMat Tech 1D

Start Date/Time: 2021 07/06 0830
End Date/Time: 2021 07/09 1700
Course Total Hours: 40

Intended Audience: Open to fire service, law enforcement, health, environmental and specific private industry personnel, this course includes class, didactic and hands-on training in real world scenarios-based experience.

Prerequisites: FRO, HazMat Technician 1A, 1B and 1C


Location: Nas North Island BLDG 47 Rogers Rd San diego

Deadline to Register: July 06, 2021 @0830

Description:Module 1D: Tactical Field Operations Module 1D focuses on the tactics and strategy of entry operations, emergency rescue and medical considerations while wearing chemical protective clothing. Hands-on activities include drum and tank patching, pipeline and industrial pipe system repair, use of the chlorine emergency kits, decontamination corridor set-up and a full scale scenario activity. The course is a capstone to the technician program and participants will have to incorporate the information learned in previous modules to respond to a variety of simulated emergencies. Laws and regulations that pertain to response activities, emergency response planning and both bulk and non-bulk packaging requirements for highway, rail, pipeline, aircraft and water transportation are covered extensively. Chemical and biological terrorism are also included within this program.


Equipment Students Should Bring: SCBA's, turnouts/PPE's, gloves, safety glasses, radio communications, monitoring equipment, chemical boots, Level A" training suits