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2020 02/17 Chief Fire Officer 3A: Human Resource Management (2014)

Start Date/Time: 2020 02/17 0900 
End Date/Time: 2020 02/19 18:00
Course Total Hours: 26

Intended Audience: The certified Company Officer advancing to the Chief Fire Officer Classification

Prerequisites: Meet the educational requirements for Company Officer

Location: 1301 Shoreway Rd Belmont Ca 94002

Deadline to Register: February 17, 2020 8:00 am

Description:  This course provides students with a basic knowledge of the human resources requirements related to the roles and responsibilities of a Chief Fire Officer including developing plans for providing employee accommodation, developing hiring procedures, establishing personnel assignments, describing methods of facilitating and encouraging professional development, developing an ongoing proposals for improving employee benefits, and developing a measurable accident and injury prevention program.

Equipment Students Should Bring: 

  1. Students MUST PURCHASE the following textbook prior to class: 1. Chief Officer: Principles and Practice (ISBN: 9780763779290) Author: Jones and Bartlett Learning