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2019 05/28 AH-330 Task Force/Strike Team Leader

Start Date/Time: 2019 5/28 09:00
End Date/Time: 2019 5/31 17:00
Course Total Hours: 28

Intended Audience: Personnel desiring to be qualified as a Task Force Leader (TFLD) or any Strike Team Leader (STPL, STDZ, STEN, or STCRC

Prerequisites: Successful completion of the precourse work. Qualified as any Single Resource Boss

Location: 511 Magnolia Ave Millbrae CA 

Deadline to Register: 5/29

Description: Designed to meet the training requirements outlined in the Wildland Fire Qualification System Guide and the Position Task Books (PTB) developed for the positions of Task Force Leader and Strike Team Leader and specific to wildland fire suppression. If students are expected to perform in some other risk area, exercises and examples appropriate to the expected risk should be added.  

Equipment Students Should Bring: 

Students MUST PURCHASE the following textbook prior to class: