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2019 09/09 Chief Fire Officer 3C: General Administration Functions (2014)

Start Date/Time: 2019 09/09 9:00AM
End Date/Time: 2019 09/11 18:00
Course Total Hours: 24

Intended Audience: Chief Fire Officers

Prerequisites:  Meet the educational requirements for Company Officer

Location: 1301 Shoreway Rd Belmont CA in the conference rm downstairs. 

Deadline to Register: 2019 09/09

Description:  Provides students with a basic knowledge of the administration requirements related to the roles and responsibilities of a Chief Fire Officer including directing a department record management system, analyzing and interpreting records and data developing a model plan for continuous organizational improvement, developing a plan to facilitate approval, preparing community awareness programs, and evaluating the inspection program of the AHJ.

Equipment Students Should Bring: 

Students MUST PURCHASE the following textbook prior to class:

  1. Principles and Practice (ISBN:9780763779290) Jones and Bartlett Learning