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2019 06/20 S-270: Basic Air Operations

Start Date/Time: 2019 06/20 0900
End Date/Time:  2019 06/21
Course Total Hours: 16

Intended Audience: Single Resource Boss, Incident Commander Type 4 (ICT4), and Support Dispatcher (EDSD)

Prerequisites: None


Location: 511 Magnolia Millbrae Ca

Deadline to Register: June 20, 2019 0900

Description: This course covers aircraft types and capabilities, aviation management and safety for flying in and working with agency aircraft, tactical and logistical uses of aircraft, and requirements for helicopter take-off and landing areas. Note: the regulations, procedures, and policies addressed in this course are primarily those governing federal agency and ICS operations. State, county, or other political subdivisions using this course will need to consult their agency having jurisdiction with respect to regulations, procedures, and policies.


Equipment Students Should Bring: 

Students MUST PURCHASE the following textbook prior to class: