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2021 06/21 HazMat Tech 1B

Start Date/Time: 2021 06/21 0830
End Date/Time: 2021 4/25 6pm
Course Total Hours: 40

Intended Audience: Open to fire service, law enforcement, health, environmental and specific private industry personnel, this course includes class, didactic and hands-on training in real world scenarios-based experience.

Prerequisites: First Responder Operations (FRO)

Haz Mat Tech 1A

Location: Nas North Island BLDG 47 Rogers Rd San Diego

Deadline to Register: June 21, 2021 @0830

Description: Module 1B is the practical application of the chemistry learned in module 1A. Air monitoring and detection devices are discussed and participants will have the opportunity to use not only the instrumentation but hands-on laboratory field identification of unknown solid and liquid samples. Participants will work in small groups referencing chemical information and characteristics from written texts and resources. Students will also work with the latest computer software programs for chemical research, compatibility and reactivity data as well as hazardous vapor plume modeling and graphing. Live demonstrations are used to show reaction consequences.


Equipment Students Should Bring: 

  1. Safety glasses