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2019 09/16 Fire Inspector 1A: Duties and Administration

Start Date/Time: 2019 09/16, 9am
End Date/Time: 2019 09/16, 6pm
Course Total Hours: 24

Instructor:Mike Mentink 

Intended Audience: 

Prerequisites: Entry level Inspector

Location: San Francisco Peninsula 

Deadline to Register: 

Description: This course provides students with a basic knowledge of the roles and responsibilities of a Fire Inspector I including legal responsibilities and authority, codes and standards, the inspection process, confidentiality and privacy requirements, and ethical conduct, and administrative tasks including preparing inspection reports, recognizing the need for a permit or plan review, investigating common complaints, and participating in legal proceedings.

Equipment Students MUST Bring: 

  1. California Fire Code (with Title 19 excerpts) (International Code Council, 2016 edition, ISBN: 5590L16)
  2. Fire Inspection and Code Enforcement (IFSTA, 8th edition, ISBN: 978-0-87939-605-3)

Please note, we may take video or photos before, during or after class for training, marketing and other reasons. If you prefer not to be videoed or photographed, please email us before the course starts so that we can respect your wishes. Email info@iectraining.org.